Uno to Duo updating code

Hello, I’ve borrowed some code and made it work with neopixels on the Uno. I wanted to expand the functionality so I bought a Due and the code doesn’t directly work. I’ve tried to remove parts of the code with no luck. I’m worried it might be the fft library (Open Music Labs library).

The code that works is: “Code4_12x60LED.ino”
The new code attempt is: 'Code4_For32vbit.ino" which produces “error.txt”

If someone knows what’s wrong please let me know!

Code4_12x60LED.ino (1.89 KB)

Code4_For32vbit.ino (1.38 KB)

error.txt (3.56 KB)

You are right the FFT library you use embeds assembly code written for the ATmega328P which is not the processor you have in the Due (ATSAM3X8E)

You need to find a new library, there are some (a quick google returned examples such as this one but I never used it) and match it with your code as API is probably not going to be exactly the same