Uploading to Amazon S3


What are the best solutions to upload files/images to S3 from a Yun? Normally when I script this behavior out I use AWS Python SDK (Boto3). I tried to install it on the Yun but every time I try, the session timesout and it never gets installed.

I am using the latest OpenWRT 1.5.3. I am using Python 2.7.3 and trying to install via Pip. I have increased the storage on the Arduino using the YunDiskExpander Sketch so I know there is enough room.

As a temporary solution I have implemented Temboo on a trial and this works with no issues, but I would like an alternative that doesn't cost money to upload to S3 as much of what I am doing is development work and nothing production related.

Any suggestions on either how to install Boto3 or a different approach to uploading files to S3 would be great.

Thank you,