USB Device with Microphone + Button to send keyboard combination

Hi there!

I'd like to create a device that works as usb microphone for the computer, and that in addition has a button that once pressed sends a keyboard combination to the computer.

So a device with a microphone and a button, that you can connected to the computer via USB cable, ideally a usb c, and that in addition to working as a normal microphone, it is capable of sending keypress combination to the computer at a press of the button that is the device (as if the user were pressing a keyboard combination).

How should I approach this?
And which is the smallest board would allow me to do this?

Thanks in advance, any advice on where to start will help.

About the keyboard you can do with this: Keyboard - Arduino Reference

All you need is an 32u4 board.

The microphone thing, I would rather do it with an amplifier circuit (LM324 maybe?) and use the mic/line inputs, just make sure about the impendances.

The Arduino USB port does not support audio streaming.