USB + External Supply Voltage + Sensors - is my setup grounded correctly?


I am working on a small project which utilizes a couple of distance measuring sensors. The data provided by the sensors is to be viewed on the Serial Monitor thus the Arduino board has to be connected via a USB cable to a computer. Due to the amount of sensors I plan on using I decided to add an external power supply. The power supply is supposed to feed both the Arduino and the sensors. I plan on connecting the components as show in the attached image.

Is this setup valid - especially when it comes to connecting the grounds? If I am not mistaken all the grounds should be connected together, right? Is there no conflict with the USB which is connected to the PC? Perhaps the USB should also be somehow connected to the ground on the breadboard?

(opening in new tab will increase the image size)

You need to consult the LM7805 regulator (I presume) data sheet, to help with noise and regulation you need some capacitors as close as possible to the input and output pins.

Tom… :slight_smile: