USB Host Shield library v.2.0 released . Hub support, HID, asyncs. PTP, MSD, ADK to follow soon.




You are welcome :slight_smile:

Just posted an article about cell phone support -> . GSM on the cheap.

In this article you refer to Konstantin Chizhov's avr pin templates but the link

has many projects.

It sounds like a really interesting idea. Googling hasn't helped me.
Can you point me to the original post?


Thanks :-))
I didn't realise it would be in Russian, but perhaps I should have.

Did you just read the code or do you have an English version of the article?


Did you just read the code or do you have an English version of the article?

I read the article - Russian is my mother tongue.

In order to understand this code, you may also want to read this book -> Be warned - this stuff is not easy.

Interfacing GPS via USB ->


Google ADK ->

Digital Camera Control AKA PTP →

Human Input Devices AKA HID (keyboards, mice, joysticks) ->

It is becoming an impressive list! Well done

When you downlaod and use this library Arduino IDE will not accept it . I found I had to rename the library. Kept getting the error that only normal ascii and no spaces etc message

This is not specific to my library.

This is not specific to my library.

Maybe not, but you could make it easier by not using invalid characters in the name of your library. In the zip file name, fine. In the folder name, no.

Google ADK ->

I do not undrstand,WHY does this lib not work with the Mega ADK,I tought this board was compatible with Googles.
Why does it seemingly work with Googles but not on the Arduino Mega ADK?
Has anybody with a Mega ADK tested this? Or is mine broken?

Another example of joystick code ->

USB MIDI support! -> GitHub - YuuichiAkagawa/USBH_MIDI: USB MIDI 1.0 class driver for Arduino USB Host Shield 2.0 Library Single/multiple device example code.

Xbox360 is now supported ->

RFCOMM/SPP on standard Bluetooth dongles is now supported and tested on Linux/MacOS/Win7 as well as Android phones ->