USB host shield read serial data


I am currently working on a system made with an Arduino UNO, an USB host shield 2.0 and a Bluetooth antenna.
I would like to control a USB device with my Arduino + USB host shield. The data read from the USB device by the USB host shield are then communicated through bluetooth to my computer using labview.
The communication between labview and the bluetooth antenna was very easy, but I struggle to communicate between the USB device and my USB host shield.

The USB device that I want to control is a jkem gemini PID (kind of thermometer). I want my Arduino + USB host shiel to send very simple strings to the jkem (such as "T(1)\n"), and to read what the jkem anwsers ("25.2°C").
I have looked around and did not find any codes or exemples dealing with this kind of use.

My question is : How can I configure a serial chanel between my USB Host Shield and the JKEM ? Is there any simple way to use or Serial.writte between the USB device and my USB Host Shield ?

Thank you for your help.



Your USB device is NOT a serial device, so it makes no sense to talk about using the serial interface to talk to it.

What do you mean exaclty by “not” a serial device ?
I am able to communicate with my JKEM with my computer using labview. I wrote strings through serial and tje JKEM answers back.
You mean I can’t communicate between my arduino and the JKEM through USB ?

You mean I can't communicate between my arduino and the JKEM through USB ?

Well, can you? If you could, you wouldn't need a USB Host shield in between. The communications between the Arduino and the USB Host shield are NOT via the Serial object/ hardware serial pins.

If the jkem device is a USB serial device such as CDC ACM, FTDI, or pl2303, you might be able to get the Arduino to talk to it via the USB host shield. See this thread for interfacing a different USB serial device. I hope it helps.

Thanks a lot gdsports for the answer. I think I should found what I need in this topic.