USB NES controller for Arduino, possible?

Hello everyone,

I would like to use a USB NES controller for my Arduino project. I have came across posts about how to connect an original controller and how to convert an original controller to USB, but now how to connect a USB version of it to an Arduino. The USB version is way cheaper and easier to buy one, so I was wondering if this is possible? Is the pinout of the USB cable the same as the original cable?

No, the pinout is not the same. The signals are not the same. The connector is not the same.

Look into using a USB-host-shield to connect the Controller.

// Per.

hey man, thanks for your reply. I have found cheap original NES and SNES controllers on AliExpress:



I used this website to connect my NES controller and get it running, it’s working :smiley: Next step is the SNES controller