Use Laptop battery for powering and recharge

Hello all!

I have one old Toshiba Satelite laptop here sitting on my desk. The Mother Board is dead since ages but I kept it for unknown reasons.

Finlay it came the day to reuse some parts of it and I managed to reuse the display. Now the display is used along with one ODROID-C1 and it works perfectly!


Now I am planing to turn the ODROID and the display into a hipster laptop made of wood attaching small keyboard with touch pad (those from logitech)

For that I want to reuse the laptop battery and make a device which recharges it once the power is plugged in. (as you would do normally with a laptop)

I am fairly stupid on such things and I need your help. I have 3 arduino Uno boards. All I want is to have the battery charged and to use it for powering the ODROID and the display.

I don't need to monitor the battery charge with arduino monitor. I can do it trough the serial and USB. I found one guide here: but it includes too much things, that I won't need (the bigger arduino board and the monitor).

How can I shrink it to the use of one UNO? I also have 12v to 5 v converter which I am currently using for powering the display and the ODROID. It will be preferable if I can still do that with the additional battery "device"

The battery from that vintage will probably be useless with limited capacity or voltage.


weedpharma: The battery from that vintage will probably be useless with limited capacity or voltage.


The battery is actually new. It was replaced 2-3 months before the MoBo went dead. It is 7000Ah. I think it is 14V or 15V (I don't have it currently in front of me (... working time... not at home)). And the Laptop was holding like 2h with it. I assume with the lower ODROID consumption it will last even longer.

But seriously, even 30 minutes of working time will be really good achievement for this project. (If you think about it, most laptops are hooked to charger 70-80% of their operating time)

Anyone with an Idea? I asked also in the Post I found the example, so if they help me (the guy responded relatively fast) I will post it then here for reference.

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