Useless Machine Present Box

Each year I give my brother-in-law his present, wrapped in a unique way. This year I encased it in a locked box, using an arduino powered useless machine with a timed number-of-times-the-switch-is-throw unlocking system. If I had more time I would have fine-tuned it all, but time was very limited and after wrapping it, unwrapping, fixing, wrapping back up 4 times, I was done with it once it finally mostly worked. The only things that don't work are the green "unlocked" light, and the added wrapping paper threw the servo off a little, so now it makes a nice jittering noise. The only other things I would have liked to do with it was add in a delay for the servo once you throw the switch so it doesn't react immediately, and add in a reset button, but, it works and I'm done with it.