Using Arduino Nano to operate a MP3 Player

i have a weird issue. I am operating a MP3 Player with Arduino Uno. This works great (just using 5V Pin and GND).

I wanted to do the same on Arduino Nano but its not really working.
The MP3 Board restarts every once in a while and the speaker sound is croaking.

I am very new to this but i thought the Nano should be able to do the same as the Uno?

Let us se the wiring, maybe the code.

I have a DF Mini on breadboard with a Nano. It was VERY fussy about the power supply. I ended up with a 1500uF capacitor very close to the power supply pins and 1k resistors in series with TX and Rx. Also the power supply feeding it is connected very close to the board. It just about behaves like that.

Thanks for the replies. I dont have a special code for the mp3 board itself. It just plays the songs from the micro sd card.

OPs image;

Tom... :slight_smile:

Use an external power supply and connect all grounds