Using Arduino Uno For Sequential RGB Lighting for PC Fans


This is my first post and am somewhat excited to get into such a project. I’m a PC builder. And I like to add a unique touch to my builds. The latest thing that has me going is RGB LED on PC case fans. Especially since there are now controllable LEDs.

So below is a video of what I want to do. This is from a YouTube user who claims to have used Arduino uno, ws2812b LED, and the fastled/ws2812fx library.

The user doesn’t speak much English and I couldn’t get him to verify whether he used the ws2812b LED and put it around the fans OR if he used already existing fans that have programmable LED built in which they sell in China. Few companies have recently started to have more robust control of the LED in the fans such as NZXT with their Aer series and Thermaltake with the new RIING series. But I’m not sure if this user is using that type of fans and just plugging in the arduino and controlling JUST the LED pattern.

Regardless of that, I want to know if it’s possible at all to control these RGB LED fans that I have brought from China and make them as they appear in the video. The fans that I have contain 6pins. They also come with a controller. But that controller just have few patterns, nothing like the ones shown. BUT it seems from the controller that these LED are controllable LEDs. Basically the controller has 2 pins to control the LED pattern. I was wondering if I can use the arduino uno and tap into those two pins and see if I can use one of the LED library like fastled or some other library that exists for sequential LEDs and tap into the controller in the hopes of adding custom patterns for these RGB LEDs? Could that be possible? What would be required for that to be possible with Arduino? I can attach some pictures and possibly video to show what I am talking about incase I wasn’t much clear.

Anyways, thanks in advance!

I see fans with neopixel rings there. Adafruit sells a lot of that, has how-to on their site. Just don't ask them questions since you bought elsewhere.