Using attiny85 to control 5volt LED strip

Hello guys,

I am a complete beginner in the electronic world but I have decided to make a project about led powered lamp by using 5volt LED strip lights and Attiny85 usb development board. I am not sure if I need 2 power supply for the attiny85 and the led strip. and also if possible, I plan to also use sound sensor in the project to control the ON and Off switch of the LED strip. I am mainly confused on what other components I need
and how to connect the LED Strip into the ATtinny85 usb development board(Do I cut the wires that is on the led strip and connect it to the pins on the board one by one?). Sorry for being noob

We need to know what exact LED strip you have as there are many. A datasheet or link to where you bought it. Also the sound sensor and tiny85 dev board.

Start by interfacing one I/O part at the time. Don’t throw lots of stuff into the sack, shake and ask for help.
Buying a kit and instructions for a number of experients is a very good way to start the jump the microcontroller world.
Always make sure You know the need for current, Amperes, of the stuff You want to controll. There’s no problem controlling lots of Amperes but You need to do it the right way, using power drivers and proper poer supplies.
Cutting wires on what LED-strip? We, the helpers, are complete newbies regarding Your project. You need to supply data of the stuff You will operate.

Thanks a lot for all the replies. I will be taking notes of the informations you have given me!