Using both USB Host ver 2.0 and Ethernet shield on UNO

Hello Everybody,
I’ve searched about how I can use USB Host and Ethernet shield simultaneously. Of course I’ve found this thread :

But, It was strange for me that I could not reply my question on that :relaxed: .
Anyway I have a UNO (or mega2560) and I want to use both usb host and ethernet shield. I know both shields use SPI to communicate with main board.
By following some guides on how to use multiple slave and masters by seperating SS pins, I’ve changed SS pin of usb host (from default PIN10) to PIN 8. I did it by wiring SS interface pad to PIN8 and also I’ve cut solder jumper of that interface (See following Link).

After that, i changed default ss pin in usbCore.h in usbHost_Shield_ver2 library by changing following line:

typedef MAX3421e<P10, P9> MAX3421E;


typedef MAX3421e<P8, P9> MAX3421E;

When I connect JUST usb host shield to UNO I can use it on pin 8 and 10 (if I change above line in usbCore.h again), But when I connect Ethernet shield nothing runs… :frowning:
You can see my complete structure under following link :

So, I was wondering If anybody can help me about how I can solve the problem

Ok guys...
Just make sure that the trace of SS solder jumper on usb host shield is fully removed! after that it works...! :smiley: