Using CMake w/ Arduino

While the Wiki contains a way to build Arduino projects using CMake, it isn't very modular (i.e. not easy to build for the various Arduino platforms like UNO, Mega, Nano, etc.), it's out of date, and adding libraries is cumbersome.

So I started working on a FindArduino.cmake file. This allows a CMakeLists.txt file like this:

set(CMAKE_MODULE_PATH ${CMAKE_MODULE_PATH} ~/CMakeModules) # Add my custom modules, including FindArduino.cmake!

set(ARDUINO_PLATFORM UNO) # Setup for Arduino find_package(Arduino REQUIRED SPI EEPROM) # Include the SPI and EEPROM directories and libraries.

include_directories(ARDUINO_INCLUDE_DIR) # Add core and library directories to the header search path add_executable(firmware src/main.cpp) # The executable target_link_libraries(firmware ${ARDUINO_LIBS}) # add core and extra libraries to the link flash(firmware) # create a target to load this software onto the target hardware!

This is an improvement upon any existing CMake Arduino files I've seen.

Once I've got all the bugs worked out and features completed (for example, I think I'll combine add_executable, target_link_libraries, and flash into a single add_arduino_executable function, and it ONLY supports UNO at the moment) I'd like others to be able to find, use, and improve upon my effort.

So where/how should I share this?

PLayground article and refer to this thread as discussion / remarks thread , thats what I do (only using my own threads :)