Using Ethernet Module with Mega2560, sacrificing a little pins as possible

Ok, so, wanting to use a Ethernet Shield with the Arduino Mega 2560.

I would like as many of the 70 inputs/outputs available as possible.

Have been doing some research and am still a little confused…

So, if i use the ICSP header to connect the Ethernet shield, does that interfere with any of the other pins on the Mega2560.

The information that i have read talk about pin 4 and 10 regarding selecting the SD reader and the ethernet. I don’t want to use the SD Card reader.
Can i not connect those two pins and artificially make the (from memory) pin 4 high so it deactivates the SD reader?

I can’t “stack” the shield on top as i already have something that is, so will need to run cables to the ICSP connector on the ethernet shield.

Will that work? or do i need to use some of the pins to communicate?

I hope that makes sense!
Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

The SPI data lines on the ICSP connector also connect to D50 to D52. D53 is the SPI hardware slave select, and it must be set to output for the SPI bus to be in master mode. D10 is the w5100 slave select. I think that is all that is needed.