Using External Arduino Libraries With Processing Using Firmata


I'm new to the community and to Arduino and Processing as well. I know it's a fairly common method to use the arduino library in the Processing environment while running the Firmata sketch on the Arduino board and I managed this to get it working for very simple applications. But there's one thing I couldn't find any answer to is how you use the external Arduino libraries using Processing.
For instance if i want to use the Capacitive Sensor library, how can I do that with the Firmata/Processing method?
Sorry if this is an absolute obvious question, but i literally just started a few weeks back and i have a very brief pervious knowledge in programming.
Any help is MUCH appreciated!

Thank you!


I don't believe that Firmata currently supports the Capacitive Sensor Library. You would have to modify Firmata both on the Arduino side and the Processing side to support this feature. As an example of adding a feature, If you want to see how the Tone library was added to firmata on the Arduino side, you can look at To see what is done on the client side (in your case Processing), you can refer to the Python client side for Tone in PyMata PyMata/PyMata at master · MrYsLab/PyMata · GitHub. Of course for Processing, the client side is written in Java.

Thanks for giving me direction. For now I managed to parse the incoming serial data from Arduino in Processing, so I just control some variable with a stream of numbers. But soon i'll try to make some more complex applications, and it could come handy to know how to modify Frimata.
Thanks again!