Using Matlab for Audio Visualization

So my goal here is to pretty much specifically use mat lab so that I can read audio signals from a 3.5mm jack. This will go to my arduino, then Matlab will control the data. Once my audio wave is separated into 100 Hz, 400 Hz, 3kHz, and 10 kHz, I want to display this on a small LED array. I'm pretty new to this so I appreciate any information I can get. The less I can use the C programming interface the better. I'm okay with the project only working while being connected to a computer.

in I'm not sure if this is the correct forum but I figured it should be.

Not sure what does any of this have to do with Arduino.

Anyway, most of us don't use Matlab.


If you think you are going to do anything useful with audio data on the Arduino, including reading it meaningfully, you are headed for disappointment.

you may be able to process audio using a Teesey, ESP-32 or a Due

or a Raspberry PI?

to sample 10KHz you would have to acquire minimum 20000 samples/second

how many ADC bits are you planning to convert?
how are you transmitting the data to the PC?

you could sample the audio on the PC and transmit the results to the arduino for display?