Using MKR to transmit data


I'm a bit of a noob with this type of arduino board. I've never used any kind of wifi board before and so I'm a little unsure how it works.

I want to make a circuit with the MKR1010 board and 3 thermocouple sensors. to transmit temperature data of a solid material to an Arduino Mega using wifi. If I set up the board with an AA battery power supply and appropriate circuits for the sensors, does the arduino mega need to have an MKR1010 board attached to receive the data or does it have a receiver built in?

Sorry if this is a really obvious question. I just don't quite know how wifi in relation to the Arduino boards works.

If you dont have WiFi on the MEGA then it needs to be connected physically which sort of defeats the point of using the MKR to begin with.

If you want to send data to something else (doesnt need to be another Arduino) then the MKR1010 can send data to a very large variety of devices even your cell phone / computer / IOT service etc etc.
Those devices can be set up to LISTEN for specific things such as your data and then store it in a way that suits you be it spreadsheet or whatever.

There are some EXAMPLES in the IDE to get you going with the basic aspects.
You should study them a little until you get the idea.

As a starting point here is an example project. Heads up this uses the MKR1000 but you should be able to swap out the specific parts to the 1010

So I would be right in thinking that the MKR1010 can operate independently as a board?

Would it be possible to just get a chip that acts as a receiver that I could attach to the Mega?

Yes the 1010 is a complete solution..board and wifi.

Yes its also possible to ADD wifi to boards that do not have it.
There are lost of ways but using an ESP8266 seems to be the favourite method as that too is compatible with WiFi systems.

I think you may have some reading up to do on both items.

I definitely will. If I have 2 MKR1010 boards and I want both to transmit data to a third MKR 1010 board, is this possible or would I need to have 2 receiver boards and then physically connect them?

You can send data from two (or more) boards to another single board.

Each will use some form of credential or IP to transmit its data and that action in its own right will allow you to keep the data seperate or combine it as you wish.

There are so many examples of these types of action on the internet I wont push you in a specific direction.
A more detailed description of your whole project might help you sort out a general direction.

If in doubt use the word “arduino” and then a generic search term. eg. “arduino send temperature vale” If you wish to narrow that down a little further then make it “arduino mkr1000” < used as there are more examples for the mkr1000 or “arduino mkr” or “mkr1010” < last two will give different results.