Using MQ-2 Gas Sensor with MKR1010

Does anyone have a simple schematic of how to connect the MQ-2 to an MKR1010. I understand there is a 5v/3.5v issue, and that a resistor may solve the problem, but what value of resistor, and where to place it in the circuit?

Would really appreciate a schematic . . . thank you in advance.


The answer depends on the sensor module you own, so post a link to the product page.

[The MQ-2 Gas Sensor]

(In-Depth: How MQ2 Gas/Smoke Sensor Works? & Interface it with Arduino)

Please post a link to the exact MQ-2 module that you have.

Purchased through Amazon


For that sensor, you will need USB 5V or a regulated 5V power supply for the heater, and to interface with the ADC on the MKR1010, a voltage divider to reduce the output voltage. Example:


Thank you so much!

Can I use the 5v power supply on the MKR1010?

The 5V comes from the USB connection, so yes.

Awesome . . . again, very much appreciated!