Using the Ethernet library with WIZ810MJ

Hi , Is it possible to connect the Ethernet Module WIZ810MJ from Wiznet to Arduino and use the "official" Ethernet library ?

Yes, it is possible.

Let me be more especific : I have conected the wiznet wiz810mj to an Arduino and its not functioning with the Ethernet library. I have followed the conections of the w5100 on the Ethernet shield and replicated them to connect to the wiz810mj module . I used pins 10, 11 ,12 ,13 and RESET from arduino and connected the SPI-EN from the module to 3.3 V through an 10k resistor. Also I am using an independent 3.3 VCC powered by an lm117T.. I tried the example at and when it starts , the green and yellow leds of the modules goes on and debugging the code I found that just after the line " Ethernet.begin(mac, ip, gateway, subnet);" the leds goes off and nothing happens until a new RESET. Have anyone used this module and seen this kind of behaviour ? Thanks in advance .

I have used the module on a couple of different shields and the test programs I wrote work just fine with the distributed ethernet library.


So I can conclude that i have made something wrong at the connections of the module . What connections have you made for the correct functioning of the module ?

Here is the one I'm currently using. The earlier (pre-official shield version) used separate pins for SPI_EN and RESET. I changed my design to the one shown to match the official software library.

The transistor on the SPI_EN part of the schematic is from the prototype ethernet shield, to avoid problems when using other SPI devices on the bus with the Wiz module.


Thanks kg4wsv,
I will adapt my schema to follow yours and test it again.

Don't forget to tie the grounds together for that external 3.3 supply with the arduino ground.

Hi everyone,

I am trying to do the same thing but I can find no information anywhere online about how to connect the wiz810mj module to an arduino. I've got NKS' breakout board for the wiz module.

Things I am interested in finding out are:

What pins on the arduino do I connect wiz pins MISO, MOSI, SCLK, SCS, INT, and RESET to for the ethernet library to work?

How do I find the wix modules Mac address, IP address, gateway, etc when I plug an ethernet cord into it?

Thanks so much! I can't believe this information isn't out there somewhere already, I've just spent 2 hours googling...