Using WiFi and GPS module of Mobile phones on arduino

Hello there, I am a hardware technician/enthusiast in electronic. and I am new on Arduino project.
I want make a tiny homing device, is it possible to connect the mobile phone wifi and gps module to arduino ?
If it is possible, where can I find the programme for this?


You really need to explain in a lot more detail what it is you are trying to do.

Sounds like you want to connect wires between the WiFi and GPS components inside a mobile phone to an Arduino and that could be very difficult indeed ?

Thanks for your reply,
Actually my concept is to cut down the circuit along with wifi/gps components and connect it to the arduino. Is it possible to communicate between arduino and wifi module?
Regarding hardware connections I have schematics of these circuits and I am able to connect it.
But I don't know how to Programming, so I need help on this.


Still very unclear what it is you are trying to do, for instance this might mean something to you, but I aint got a clue;

"Actually my concept is to cut down the circuit along with wifi/gps components"

However, if you really are trying to wire your Arduino to the WiFi and GPS components inside of your mobile phone, I would suggest your chances of doing this are very close to Zero.

Not wiring with Mobile phone, I just want to use mobile phone parts only. (wifi & gps board)
please see the Link below.

It might be possible if you had the connection and programming details for those WiFi and GPS modules, do you ?

However even then the GPS part is likley to suffer from extended fix times, due to the very small and inefficient GPS antennas used in mobiles. The software in the phone works around the limitations using a technique called GPS Assist, which requires an Internet connection and appropriate software, do not think this software has been implemented on Arduino.

Much easier to dump the phone parts and use a WiFi module and GPS that are known to work with Arduino.