virtualwire library

Hello I just started beginning wireless communication on the arduino and I see the virtualwire library is very popular and I tried importing it to my web editor but it says LIBRARIES THAT COULD NOT BE IMPORTED:
parse not found
can anyone help me understand why this is happening and solve it or find a substitute.I am using the RF 433MHz transmitter and receiver and two 2560 Mega's. I also want it to be like a remote and not sending data. Thank you.

Did you download the IDE to your PC, or are you using the online IDE?

I don't use the online IDE precisely because the libraries I use most often in my projects were not available.

VirtualWire is superseded by the RadioHead library.

Download the VirtualWire library from the author's site as a .zip file and use the library manager to add it to the libraries folder.

Don't worry about the End of Life notice. It works fine and there are no known bugs.

I am using google Chromebook and i have already downloaded the one from the authors site and it is the same result

Unzip the RadioHead library.
Move the RadioHead library folder to the Arduino IDE installation libraries folder.
Restart your Arduino IDE

would this work and how would I do it.

would this work and how would I do it.

Yes, it would, and you would do it just like that. If you get it from Github, don't forget to remove the "-master" part from the folder name.

Or, do as reply #3 suggests.

I did unzip it and pasted all the files within it but I do not know what to do next I don’t know if it is different on google chrome but I can’t seem to figure this out please help.

You use the Arduino IDE, not Google Chrome, to add the .zip file to the Arduino library.

yes but how?

Open up the Arduino IDE.

Sketch> Include Library > Add .ZIP Library > select from file browser

Don't be afraid to go through all the menu options and see what is available. Also, check out the provided examples, which will teach you about the programming language and special features of the Arduino. Working through a few will save you endless frustration.

Could you please add some images because I cannot find anything for include library except for import.As you can see I am completely clueless.

IDE menu Sketch -> Include library

Under that you will find Manage libraries and "Add .ZIP. library".

With any new program it really helps to explore the menu.



this link is an image of the one I have and it looks nothing like that. do you know how to do that on this version or where to simply download the one you have.

reply #3 gave you the main site. The download link is:

No one mentioned the Arduino Web Editor.

Download the Arduino IDE here

I just realized you cant see the picture but can you tell me where and how you downloaded that version or is it just for windows and macs?

The link in reply #16 is the official Arduino IDE download site.

Have you not yet had a chance to click on it and try a download?

Sorry I'm knew to this and just realized there was a second page and yes that link on reply 16 is where I got the arduino IDE or Web editor so now I'm just clueless.