Vmix Tally Light

hi all
I have the genuio uno bord
I want it to control tally light system with Vmix softer

I have managed to get it partially working with the StandardFirmata example
wit the firmata sketch

the problem is that all of my tally lights are all ways on...
my wiring is ok...
when I check the bord with a fluk betwwen the GND pin and any digital pin it's all ways beeping...
any idia??

I dohn't understand - what are tally lights, and what should they do??



Show us your wiring diagram (schematic) first, then attach your code (within code tags)

What's "Vmix softer"? Are you referring to "vMix Video Streaming Software"? (That was the only result that I got from Google.)

This may help. There are specific examples for Arduino.