Wall Follower robot PID

Hello. I have to build a Wall Follower robot. I found this video: Project DIY Digital Wall Follower - YouTube
And program code:
Wall Fallower.txt - Google Drive

I ordered the parts and assembled them(HC-SR04, Arduino Uno , driver motor L298N). And when I compiled the program on arduino, there was an unpleasant surprise, errors in libraries. I'm not very good at programming, but now I find out that those used libraries were created by him. Can you help me with "repair" this program? Or the creation of those libraries? Please !

Which you appear to have forgotten to post.



Those don't look like errors, they look like names of header files.

The missing libraries look like they are fairly basic and can be replaced with your choice of HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Rangefinder code and your basic DC motor driver code. If you are using a motor control shield, I recommend you get a matching driver library. Look at other examples of HC-SR04 use and DC motor driver use.

And can you help me? I don't know at all.

I found this library, but i don't know what i need to change...

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