want to go wireless.

as the title suggests.
I have zero knowledge of RF circuits. i would like to start doing some wireless interfacing with my projects to collect sensor data and such. can anyone point me in the right direction for a complete noob to learn RF interfacing? I've been relentless with my searches and most of what i find is stuff that assumes you have atleast some knowledge of the subject.
i dont.
i guess its a downfall of being self taught. thank you guys for any suggestions.

4xxMHz modules are simple and can be used with the VirtualWire library, but you need to decide your requirements for range and data rates.

thank you. I found a tranciever set. on ebay 433mhz if i recall, for a few dollars free shipping. are there any books you would suggest on the subject?

I don't know any books, but there are examples over at the Playground.

(BTW, it is MHz, not mhz or mHz)

ok. i also found some transceivers for less. they are 2.4 GHz. i would like to have two communication. but i do understand that i gotta crawl before i can walk. which would be my best option as a beginner?

which would be my best option as a beginner


I would suggest you the XBee modules i have the small cheap 433 MHz radios work good but at times they may be underperforming XBee's are a good investment as you can make a network of as much as how many modules you want that will extend the distance that you want to cover and also there is one book WORKING WITH WIRELESS NETWORKS to find it just go to SPARKFUN website click on the books section and then look for a book similar to as i named and DOGS on it.

I'm sure you will be Happy!

good one. but tether is not an option. ill hop over to the play ground and check that stuff out and grab a Tx Rx set off ebay and maybe the 2.4 GHz transceivers later. thanks for the input and humor.
thank you also Nishant. i will certainly do that. and i must also say that after the past few years of automating my home and modifying my car with arduino i'velerned for from this site and the forums in the past week than i thought possible. you guys are all great.

We will always be here for the like minds