Wave Shield & Servo Control

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I have soldered together a wave shield and attached it to an Arduino Uno. I now wish to access various files saved onto an SD card with several buttons (different types of sound file to play for different buttons, 3 in total) as well as control a servo with a "short flex sensor" from Adafruit.

Any tips about how to wire this up with a breadboard so that I can start writing the code? Also, any tips for which "Examples" I should be using?

I have the wave shield soldered exactly to their specification: Solder | Wave Shield | Adafruit Learning System

Any help would be greatly appreciated! If more info is needed, just ask and I will supply info/images.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Have you worked with any of the many parts of your project, such as making a servo move, playing a wave file, getting the flex sensor to output useable values? If not, then you need to start working on the various parts before putting them all together.