Weather station statistics, how to upload to the Internet?


I have now completed the build of my UNO R3 powered Weather Station, which includes Temperature, Air Pressure, Humidity, Lux & UV level measurements. this gives me lots of information, but of course i am not recording the data, just viewing it currently.

I have long been a user of Weather software called Weather Display, which i used in conjunction with my now defunct Weather Station, which was an Oregon Scientific Instrument.

I need help with getting my Weather Station to display it’s readings, in my Weather Display software which is downloaded to a Desktop PC which i have. I have contacted Weather Display, and they assure me that an Arduino UNO works fine with there software, unfortunately i have found very little info by Googling the net to find out where i start, do i use Wi Fi, Bluetooth or Hardwiring to my PC.?

Can anyone help me?


I would assume you have googled Arduino weather display oregon

Start by posting links to the software

this came up. github

How did you connect your Oregon Scientific weather station to the PC? From the Weather Display docs, I suspect that it was via RS232.

I assume that your new home built station is remote from the PC, but you can view the current data somehow. What mechanism are you using? wifi? LCD attached to the UNO?

A simple way out would be to transmit the data from the UNO by whatever means (radio, wifi etc) to another one attached to the PC. Have that Uno emulate whichever manufacturers weather station data format seems easiest and serial print that to the PC.

Before trying that, check that the weather station can be configured to read from the COM port that your UNO's USB shows up as - it may only know about com1 and com2.

With wifi you could transmit the data direct to your PC and write a program there that grabs it and passes it to Weather Display as if it were received from a com port. Be warned that finding out how to fake out that serial port out may be a bit gnarly - I've never done it.

Is the Weather Display program you are using on your PC open source or is it a proprietary program?
If the latter, it may be quite difficult to figure out what format the program requires in order to read the data from your Arduino based weather station.
Its usually better to use an open source Weather Station program as the data formats are publickly available and easy to implement.
Heres a couple that work very well.
Weather Station Data Logger- written in C , runs on Windows.

Weewx written in Python designed for Linux , runs well on Raspberry PI.

Hi All.

Thank you for responding.

To answer questions -

The WD software is "Open Source"

My old Weather StaTion was connected to my pc via RS 232 Cable.

My Data is currently viewed via LCD edited by the UNO R3, therefore remote from the PC.

This Uno with the LCD - this is the same Uno that has the sensors attached, or a different one?

Bluetooth and WiFi are a possibility. But their range may not be enough. Another option with longer range could be HC-12 wireless serial ports. You can get usb stick modules for your pc and modules with pins to connect to the Arduino.

Yes paulrb.

The same UNO controls the sensors + LCD