Wemos Zero clone and USB/HID libraries?

I'm still new enough to the hobby that I haven't got all the flavours of duinos and clones sorted out.

My ongoing project is a USB game controller so I need the USB HID functionality of, for example, the Leonardo boards. (Looked at HoodLoader, scared to death, way too technical for me at this point).

The Official Arduino Web Site says (about USB HID library and functionality):

This core library allows a 32u4 based board, a Due and a Zero to become an HID device,

So that makes me think (wishfully perhaps) that the cheapie Wemos Zero clone available on Ebay might work as a faster, better core MCU for my project. So I ordered the cheapie because I was afraid of blowing it up while learning about 3.3v power and level shifters :slight_smile: and didn't want to smoke a real one.

The clone describes itself as compatible with Arduino Zero M0. The doco on USB/HID doesn't mention "M0", just "Zero". I googled for "Wemos Zero USB HID" and found exactly one helpful (?) scrap of info, in which one lone dev complained that Keyboard.h would not compile on his Wemos -- but it wasn't a Zero, it was a "D1 R2"; the only answer was

I think that this example is only for the Leonardo and Pro Micro boards, that use ATmega32u4 chip, which has direct USB support. Other boards use a separate chip for handling USB, and thus can't act as a keyboard or mouse without some additional hacking.

So the person answering listed Leonardo and Pro Micro, but not Zero, as models that work with USB HID libraries. But the Arduino official doco includes Zero in that list. I'm wondering if I've ordered something that isn't going to work. I'm sure I can find some other use for it :slight_smile: and it was, after all, cheap; but can anyone clear this up for me?

The Wemos D1 R2 is completely different from the Wemos Zero/M0. The D1 R2 is based on the esp8266 chip and cannot behave as a hid device, as far as I know. The Zero/M0 is based on the samd21 chip, which I understand can act as a hid device.

The Wemos Zero/M0 is a mysterious device. If you look on the Wemos web site, or Wemos's page on AliExpress, there is absolutely no mention of it at all. Perhaps the Wemos name has been stolen by rival manufacturers to boost sales.

Oh goodie, so I may haved purchase some pirate device not even made by Wemos... gee, it's a nefarious world out there :slight_smile: well when it shows up I will put it through its paces.

I'm assuming that its USB interface is already level shifted so I can just plug it in and experiment oob? This would be my first venture into 3.3v land and I'm still not quite sure what is safe and what isn't (despite doing some online reading). More reading ahead before I actually connect anything to it!

(if it ever arrives, that is -- sounding a little fishy from what you say...)