What is the output voltage of Arduino Uno?

Hey ppl Im a newbie. I want to know the output voltage of the Analog and digital output pins. I cudn't find it in this link http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/arduinoBoardUno. Is it 5V? Also it says Uno operates at 5V but recommended is 7-12V. So what operation voltage should I use? Also whats the limit for input voltage for analogue/digital i/o pins?


The Uno's ports are 5V outputs. Be aware that the ports with PWM capability can show lower voltages when measured due to using PWM.


Thanks. One more thing, whats the difference in meaning of these terms.

Operating Voltage 5V Input Voltage (recommended) 7-12V Input Voltage (limits) 6-20V

So, from what I have gathered, I can input 0 - 5V to Uno's input pins and the outputs voltage range is also 0 - 5V.

Correct, the 5v is what the processor runs at and therefore the max you should apply to any pin or that you will get from any pin.

The other two are for the voltage coming from your plug pack or power supply on the DC barrel socket, they get regulated down to 5v.