What kind of sensors can be used with Arduino???

What kind of sensors can be used with Arduino???

…specially with the Dueminalove version… I’ll make a robot and I want to use sensors of movement, temperature, etc. but I haven’t found enought info about this…

I’m asking if there are requeriments at the time to choose those sensors???

please help me with this. Thanks!

There are more sensors than you can imagine! Everything from accelerometers to gyro’s to Ultra Sound and Temp. sensors, even Carbon mono - sensors and more…

Generally, most of the sensors listed on sites such as sparkfun.com will work with the arduino, although you might want to make sure that the specific sensor you choose will work (there may be some issues or complicated forms of interfacing), but you can do that here, once you make the choice.

There is also a long list in the playground -

I would say its safe to assume that any sensor that can be used to interface to a microcontroller can be used with an Arduino. This would include, optical, accoustic, temperature, inertial etc etc.

thanks for the answers!

I’ll play with some sensors ;D