What Optocoupler?

Hi everyone

I’m relatively new to the Arduino, so I’m having trouble finding the right components to use with it.

At the moment, I am looking for an optocoupler / optoisolator (is there a difference?). Quite simply, an output pin of the Arduino should trigger the input (diode) side of the coupler, which connects another circuit (in my case the shutter release of a camera). Kinda like a relay, just optical.

I found some models that seem right, but I’m confused by all the different kinds that are out there. What do I have to watch out for in terms of specifications? I don’t want to fry the input diode with my 5V arduino input, nor get a model that needs too much voltage to trigger the gate.

Would an element like this (http://www.jameco.com/Jameco/Products/ProdDS/672317-DS01.pdf) be right for my purposes?


The one you posted might well do it - it depends on the input circuitry of the camera.

You don't need much current through the LED to turn the transistor on - so a series resitor 1k to 5V would be fine.

I would wire it up without the arduino and give it a go.



I took two CNY17 - just google for specs - with a 1K resistor for shutter and focus for my Olympus E510

and exchanged the diecimila against a Nano to get a smaller footprint inside my panorama-robot