What's the best way to store a String in EEPROM?

I want to store a full String (String with a capital S) in EEPROM to be able to read from later if the unit is reset.

How would I do this?

(Note: I'm a beginner with Arduino, but I learn fast, so please bare with me through all of this.)

Convert your String to a "char" string, then store that.

please bare with me

But we've only just met.

Okay, and how do I store a char string in EEPROM? lol

I told you I'm not the smartest byte in Arduino, lol

Try the EEPROM library:


Is it internal EEPROM or external e.g. I2C EEPROM?

In the latter case you could check - Arduino Playground - LibraryForI2CEEPROM -


I figured it out, thanks though!