Where can I get some MAX7221s?

I’m thinking about building a small led matrix and i’m having trouble finding a place to purchase the MAX7221 or the 7219.

Maybe i’m just being thick headed…

I think I can get one from the Maxim site (http://www.maxim-ic.com/quick_view2.cfm/qv_pk/1339), but i can’t exactly find my way around that site. There’s the ordering info page that lists the pricing and availability of them, but i can’t tell if it’s a site i can purchase them from or if they just resell them.

Are there any sites out there where I can purchase 1 - 3 of these parts?

If you want to buy the MAX7219, the best price / shipping I’ve found is:
Besides, it a great site to wander through. You’re bound to learn something.

If your use of the 7219 could lead to something bigger, you might have a legitimate claim to make use of Maxim’s sample program.

The best place to get a MAX7221 is from Maxim.
You well need to look for the sample part. (same list as the other types of 7221s)
then a work email(some websites wont let you use hotmail or yahoo etc)
Last thing is to login and request a sample free!! free shipping also ;D

ps they have a max sample rate (it was 6 chips a month i think) so for me i got 6 max chips :slight_smile: