Where do you buy your stuff?

I live in the Netherlands and I am a newbie in electronics. The last couple of months I started ordering the basic stuff for this new hobby. It took me a while to find the right (web)shops for ordering components/other parts. So I am curious where people from Europe buy their electronics from.

I order most of my stuff from:

  • eBay (often the cheapest, not always)
  • Farnell / RS Components (for more basic parts like resistors and IC’s; often unbeatable prices and very fast shipping)
  • SparkFun / Adafruit / Solarbotics, shipping costs are a big disadvantage for me
  • Seeedstudio, I am a bit hesitant to order something from them again, last time it took more then 30 days.
  • Some Dutch webshops

It took me a while to find the best place to buy stuff for my new electronics hobby ;). Still not sure if I found all the right places. Some more basic stuff is really hard to find for me (like stripboard or wires). Did not find a local store that carries that kind of stuff for reasonable prices yet. Don’t always want to order more stuff then I need just to save on shipping costs ;).

Sounds like my list. :wink:


Digikey, mouser (some times), arduino fun, adafruit (very little), eBay (mostly LEDs and copper clad board and uv material).

There is a local store (well sort of local - I’m in a rural area, not a lot is very local) called Maplin Electronics, if I am getting a couple of cheap-ish things, it will be there but they are outstandingly dear, so otherwise it is Mouser/Farnell. They ship in europe and don’t charge an enourmous premium for the privildge. I will get one off components like GLCDs from eBay, cheap as erm, chips?

I’d be interested in the dutch webshops?
Don’t suppose you could share them?

Lately (last three orders) for ICs I have been using Newark Electronics on line. They seem to not charge for shipping (maybe free below a certain weight?) and their prices are OK so far on the chips I wanted.


Most of my parts come from surplus outlets (All Electronics, Electronic Goldmine, or the like); those that don’t come from either DigiKey, Mouser, or SparkFun. Sometimes I might use Ebay, depending on the part and need.

If I need a part quick, and I want it “new”, I will check local stores like Frys Electronics. If I don’t mind surplus for the item, then its a Saturday trip down to Apache Reclamation and Electronics in south Phoenix for me (hmm - maybe I’ll go there tomorrow for the hell of it!)…


My list:

Electronic goldmine
Robotshop, at first until I found out how overpriced it is



radio shack (hesh where else are you going to find a pack of diodes at 8pm)


local store down town (sometimes)

where else are you going to find a pack of diodes at 8pm

Where do you live in SE USA? I know Georgia has a couple of Frys Electronics locations…


Otherwise I guess you’re SOL…


Dutch webshop:


Where do you live in SE USA?

bout 3 hours north of the nearest Fry’s (i take that back, its only 3 to the border, then add another 1.5)

My list:

Electronic goldmine
Robotshop, at first until I found out how overpriced it is

Electronic Goldmine don’t ship to Europe… unless I’m missing a trick?

I’ve ordered stuff from Electronic Goldmine before. There was a minimum order though. Just contact them - they seem reasonable folks.

bitsbox.co.uk, oomlout.co.uk, moonshineelectronics.co.uk, sk pang electronics (another british site).

Er… there’s a few more but I think they’re the main ones. Bitsbox is the one I use most, oomlout is my favourite - most of their stuff comes with a circuit diagram and a link to example code. I wish all sellers did that!

I have ordered stuff from bitsbox via eBay before, really good stuff. I like their capacitators kit :).

e-bay for RGB LEDs, arduino boards and as the last poster mentioned, capacitors, specially hard to find ones like 20pf and 33pf.

I also buy from bliptronics.com … the only retail outlet I have seen that has the RGBs with the IC included and already wired … and has arduino code. Plus a really nice EQ chip.

For LED controller chips, no one mentioned avnet express. So I figured I add it to the list.
(I have found great deals on TLC chips here)

Looking for adapters … this place has done right by me:

Have fun!

http://www.rapidonline.com are a good general component supplier, very competitive on price.

For Arduino stuff and other embedded stuff, I’ve bought with great success from:



very competitive on price.

Umm, Mowcius disagrees.

I consider Rapid Electronics to be expensive. Maybe not compared to sparkfun but they are rather expensive compared to farnell or ebay.