where does access point's IP address come from for wifi.beginAP() ?

I don't understand where the access point's IP comes from. Sketch uses WiFi.beginAP( ssid ) ..to start the AP. Then, printWifiStatus() gets the access point's IP with: IPAddress ip = WiFi.localIP();

How does .beginAP() create the IP? What does it use for a mask?

I'm creating network service on a MKR1000, and want to use .beginAP() to make it an access point, so I don't need a "middle man" (router). Going to have mobile device (iPhone) connect directly to Arduino MKR1000.

Hi @douglaskbell,

The IP address is assigned statically in WiFi.beginAP(...) to and the subnet mask used is The MKR100 will also setup a DHCP server

See WiFi.cpp for more details.

Your desired setup with the iPhone connecting to the MKR1000 AP will be fine, I've tried this many times. Please note, only one device can be connected to the create AP at a time.