Where should the libraries be installed on the pc ?

Hi, Working with Arduino somtimes it is hard to include a library.

I found out that I have libraries saved on varius places. There are many (but not all) libs in folders there where Arduino is installed, that is standard on my PC C:\programms\Arduino, there is a file called libraries. There are many.

The Sketchfolder is somewhere else, C:\Users\Name\Documents\Arduino, there are Folders with sketches. Thereis also a folder called libraries, that Arduino generated itself, it contains many but not all libraries.

And sometimes I had libraries in the Sketchfolder, they sometimes got included automatically, and working with no problem.

Often I get warnings, stating "libraries in multible places.

Where should the libraries be? So that they show up in the IDE ?

many thanks for any advice, John

You should always install libraries to the libraries subfolder of your sketchbook folder. You can find/set the location of the sketchbook folder at File > Preferences > Sketchbook location. This is also the location where libraries will be installed by the Arduino IDE's Library Manager and Add .ZIP Library features.

The libraries folder inside the Arduino IDE installation folder is for the built-in libraries included with the Arduino IDE. You should never install libraries to that location because they will be lost when you update to a new version of the Arduino IDE. There are also libraries bundled with hardware packages. Again, you should just leave those alone.

johnguy: Often I get warnings, stating "libraries in multible places.

It's not a warning. It's just some helpful information. As long as the intended library is being used you don't need to worry about it.