Where to buy components?

I'm looking for a source for components, such as switches, led's resistors, caps, headers....and more. A kit of components would be helpful. I do buy electronic parts from DigiKey and Mouser.

Thanks for the assistance.

I'd add Jameco, SparkFun, and Adafruit to your list.

Personally, I avoid eBay, AliExpress, 3rd-party Amazon sellers, etc.

What country are you in?

I live in Northern California....I was hoping to find a "kit" of typical Arduino components so I don't have to purchase them individually.

Hi @webguye

RV mineirin

...but purchasing them individually is fun... !!

I agree

AliExpress takes forever and is unreliable, but is very cheap.
Amazon has quick shipping but you can only buy things in bulk for too much money.
AdaFruit is very reliable and has a good selection, but can be expensive and takes a while.
Banggod is nice, but takes forever.
I've never used SparkFun.

If you're in the USA, they'd probably be a good choice (I don't know about cost+shipping, but I think in USA would be reasonable, and Sparkfun quality is very good). In terms of product, Adafruit is top notch. Having real specifications and support software really helps, and both of those do offer them.

But, the original question was about components. I'm surprised if there isn't a bricks and mortar electronics store in Northern CA, USA. But if not, the suppliers like Mouser, Digikey, etc. are good. Outside the USA, those are not a good option because they basically don't care enough to offer affordable international shipping. The big delivery companies gave them an all in one shipping system, which works well in the US but is a cost nightmare for international shipments. They could change that by setting up simple USPS international delivery, but they basically don't care.

All the component stores here in Sacramento, CA are gone including Fry's Electronics....sucks! I blame it on Radio Shack, they started a movement....LOL

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