where to get the firmata gui shown on the wiki page ?

it shows a gui with lights and slider bars and graphic bars ,where do you get this from ? and how does this tie in with the firmata usage ?

i understand that processing needs to be downloaded but what is the GUI bit ? and how does it work ?

and further down the firmata wiki is shown a test gui also with pins ,output displays .and inputs and outputs ,analogue ,pwm,low ,high etc etc where does this come from ? and how does it tie in ?

I looked at the Wiki page I regularly read. Not a Firmata GUI in sight. You need to be a bit more specific.

here you go


The code for the firmata test program is given. It assumes that you have the wx/wxprec.h header file and associated library. I'm willing to be that it is that library that provides all the widgets shown in the top GUI.