Where to learn Arduino (Programming language)?

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I want to learn Arduino (Programming language), but i am not finding a good website or tutorials. Do u have suggestions for me?

A good overview of both C and the Arduino additions. Also see the example projects in the IDE.

These are my 4 best picks:

Yeah google

basic c arduino tutorial

and hunt around for something that matches your learning style and level of experience.

I prefer to read and direct myself, the other end of the spectrum is to find some nice old guy with a series of youtube videos who will go over every little detail in an excruciating manner.

Your pick.


I don't have specific recommendations because I when I got started with the Arduino I already had electronics & programming experience and education...

There are some "starter kits" that come with books (and/or associated website). That's probably the best way to go (if you aren't taking a class) because the Arduino can't do much without hardware and that way you'll have all of the hardware you'll need for the lessons/examples/projects. I'm sure someone here can make recommendations, and wait for a recommendation because there are some "cheap-bad" ones.

Do you know any electronics?

Of course most people learn the Arduino on their own but, the best way to learn ANYTHING is by taking an actual class. When you take a real class you have a teacher/instructor, an organized step-by-step structure, other students to work with and learn from, and homework quizzes & tests so you know if you're learning what you're supposed to be learning.

The internet has all of the information you'd ever need for almost anything but most of the information and tutorials are unstructured... It's like opening-up a book and reading a random chapter. That's great if you know what you're looking for but bad if you're a "beginning student".

I learned C and C++ from "Teach Yourself" books. (These weren't my 1st computer languages.) These are good because they are structured and there are exercises after each chapter (with answers in the back).

The thing that I found "missing" from these books was that they were teaching the programming language without really teaching "programming". I took a programming class in college and it was the same... I was "programming" but I sort-of felt lost. I wasn't really learning the concepts or the "big picture" of what programming was all about. I just sort-of picked that up over time when I took another class and started studying on my own. I assume that a good beginning programming class would start with a big-picture overview of the concepts, etc.

Note that Arduino C++ is different from Standard C++. Standard C/C++ expects a keyboard, display, and a disk drive, etc. And Standard C/C++ doesn't have functions for reading an I/O pin or turning-on an LED, etc.

The good news is - Arduino programming is one of the easiest ways to get started with programming! Programming on a computer is made more difficult by the GUI. I'm older and I started programming before Windows existed and it was easier to get started. You can still do text-based programming on a computer and it's still a good way to learn, but just getting the compiler installed and configured so you can "get started" can be difficult, especially by yourself.

A lot of "kids" teach themselves to build & program Arduino projects so if you have the interest and the right mindset you can probably do it!

The bad news is - In general, programming is HARD and it requires near perfection.. A university computer science degree is essentially a "programming degree" and it's one of the more difficult majors! And programming is just "different" from any other area of study. Professional programmers probably make more mistakes every day than any other professionals. (But most of these errors are discovered and fixed immediately.)

And with the Arduino you have to know (or learn) at least some electronics. If you were studying/programming microcontrollers in college, you'd probably be 3rd-year electronics major.



this is a tutorial with a good mixture between explaining important concepts demonstrated on small programs.

good starting point to get you going
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There are many different tutorials and courses are available of various platform. But I suggest the best way to learn about Arduino is from the Arduino.cc site itself only. They provide clear documentation with better examples and understanding of it is very easy and comparatively quality information which is good and useful for beginner to advanced members.

The best

Unlike for example, medicine! :laughing:

I agree that 90% to 98% of all tutorials online are of "medium"-quality. But there are a few exceptions. One ist the one I posted above. This course covers basic things but does not go very far and seems to be no longer expanded with new chapters. The chapters that are written are exceptional good.

A part of the examples in the arduino-IDE are poor too because they show just a bare minimum and often use the command delay().

best regards Stefan

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Looking at online tutorials and any basic YouTube presentations will get you started.

What Arduino controller do you have and what computer OS and IDE version?
If you have any problems understanding any code you can place a post in the "Programming" section of the forum.

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Yeah although some cases will be there. I respect your words. Thank you

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