Which board for wireless and reasonable autonomy?


I’d like to have opinions about a choice of board + wireless solution for a performer. The idea is to plug three or four analog sensors and send the data to a computer.

The board could be visible. The ability to power all the sensors for a reasonable amount of time (one hour) and the sampling rate is more important for me than the size. So I thought about the Arduino BT board but I’d like to know if there are alternatives and if the BT can easily be powered by batteries.

Even if the sampling rate of the Zigbee protocol seems too low for gesture following, I’d like to know whether is it possible to send data directly from the Xbee to a computer and the Arduino environment through a USB Zigbee receiver or should I plug a second Arduino board with a receiver into the computer?

Thank you in advance.

The XBees (and Zigbee) support a bandwidth of around 56Kb/s. The XBess have A/D
converters so it may be possible to just use two XBees. Checkout “Making Things
Talk” from O’Reilly for some exmples.

I make a board with an '168 (Arduino bootloader) and an XBee on a single PCB.
The board can be cut into two usable halves. For more information checkout http://tinyurl.com/5rfmrz

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