which RF module should i use?

Which RF module should i use to imitate this one?

Can this work? OR? RF Link Transmitter - 434MHz - WRL-08946 - SparkFun Electronics

this is a remote controller for a home device ( there are many remote devices to be controlled in the same room). You select channel from one button (up and down) and you push another button to open it or close it ( move up or down / + button and - button).

I want my aurdino project to send those channel selection signals and + or - signals.. so signals for those buttons..
I am trying to get the signal codes from the makers of this remote, but he may not give those codes to me... So at least i want to be able to send those signals to the remote devices and broadcast at the same frequency with the remote controller.

To summarize, an aurdino version of this remote controller instead of PIC. ( but without touching the remote device's receiver part )

it's RF at 433.92mhz but i couldn't find the remote's modulation..

Anyways you are right for the signal codes.. I don't know them.. I have to capture and replay the signal and it's not a good solution..

I gave up..
I can no longer provide a solution for the current home device without replacing it's receiver with mine.

Just to have a sample, i'll make the receiver and sender myself. ( but i won't be able to provide an "addon" solution to the already existing device/remote package ). Thanks for your concern and time.