Why IDE export name.ino.hex without name.cpp.hex

my IDE export name.ino.hex without name.cpp.hex
so, i can't run it on Proteus.

The export's aim is to provide a *.hex file for separate programming into a device. It's aim isn't to especially support Proteus by providing a *.cpp.hex file.

(I deleted the rest of my original reply - I misread your question. :frowning: )

A *.cpp.hex file isn't a part of the normal build process. Only the *.ino.hex file is necessary. Have you tried renaming *.ino.hex to *.cpp.hex? (Or even *.hex?) Is the .cpp part even necessary?

If *.cpp.hex is necessary, it seems that this is a problem with Proteus and it's Arduino support that should be fixed, since Arduino doesn't generate a *.cpp.hex file at all.


thanks your reply.

here is the guide which I did http://arduiny.com/how-to-simulate-arduino-with-proteus-isis/
but have an error as mentioned
watch it and you will understand my question.

note: code is correct and runs on my Arduino

I already understood your question, and answered it.

The Arduino IDE does not generate a *.cpp.hex file. (I already told you this.)

That example is almost 3 years old. Perhaps early versions of the IDE did generate that file, but recent versions don't.

You could install an early version of the IDE and see if you get the file that you need. Or you could try my suggestion of renaming the ".ino.hex" file to ".cpp.hex".

As I said, this is a problem that the Proteus people need to address, if Proteus insists on "*.cpp.ino", since recent releases of the Arduino IDE don't generate such a file and have no use for it.
The bottom line is that Proteus need to update their software to be compatible with recent IDE releases.

And with later versions of the IDE you don't need to go through the process they describe. You can click on ">Sketch >Export compiled binary" and a compiled hex file will be automatically saved to your sketch folder.

Edit: Have you tried simply using the "*.ino.hex" file?

OK, by chance I still have IDE V1.6.5 running on my second PC here.

If Proteus really insists on a "*.cpp.hex" filename, and renaming the .ino.hex" file to ".cpp.hex" doesn't work, then if you install IDE V1.6.5 it generates the file that you need.

I'm amazed that Proteus needs the "cpp" in the filename to work. It should only need the *.hex filename extension, but IDE V1.6.5 will work, and is very stable.

And in future, please provide more information, such as the IDE version that you're using.

I use IDE lastest and Proteus 8.3.
I downloaded version 1.6.5 and my Proteus was run with cpp.hex
Thank you so much

I use IDE lastest and Proteus 8.3.
I downloaded version 1.6.5 and my Proteus was run with cpp.hex
Thank you so much

Good one. Glad to hear it's working OK. :slight_smile: