WiFi Shield SD Card webpage server

After days of trying I am still unable to view an HTML webpage from the SD Card using the WiFi and SD libraries in the adapted sketch from:

[http://startingelectronics.com/tutorials/arduino/ethernet-shield-web-server-tutorial/SD-card-AJAX-XML-web-server]Arduino Inputs using Ajax with XML on the Arduino Web Server](http://startingelectronics.com/tutorials/arduino/ethernet-shield-web-server-tutorial/SD-card-AJAX-XML-web-server/)

I have upgraded the firmware and am using the Arduino Uno IDE version 1.0.6 on Ubuntu version 14.04.

Has anybody ever managed to do this?

WiFi_websrv_SD_Ajax_in_out.txt (10.9 KB)

How does it not work? What is displayed on the serial monitor?

I have a web server using the wifi shield and SD card, but not quite that one.

Hi. Having the same issues using the same site but with the Ethernet shield. My read write test example sketch works as does the card info sketch although not consistently. The Ethernet/SD card server example always errors out on initialization. Interested in learning how to fix this and understanding what if any pin assignments might need to be made.


-Jim K