windows GUI

I need a simple GUI that will run on Windows to display some serial data from the Arduino and also send some simple commands to the Arduino on command by a user.

I don't know enough about C/C++ to make an exe file in a timely matter and I don't currently have the time to learn Java, .Net, or XML or the like.

Any suggestions?

Do a search on this forum for "Gobetwino". I down loaded it and it looked pretty good for what you are looking for, but I haven't really put it to much use yet.


Interesting - thanks, I'll have a look at it.

Hyperterminal, comes with Windows.

It doesn't come with Vista - although there are free terminals out there for DL.

But that is missing the point, GUI = Graphics User Interface, Meaning I want to do something with the data graphically and have a pretty for nice window to display it in. Instead of just a string of numbers.

If that Gobetwino program does what it sounds like, I may be able to send the data to Excel and display in on a graph. That might be OK.

Any super programmers want to whip something up? :D

You should be able to find enough examples of using "Processing" to interface with the Arduino and give you the gui interface your looking for.

Some examples:

And you should be able to find more in the Arduino Playground or Google.

Good luck,

Thanks for the links, but something seems to be wrong. I get erros on the page and it doesn't load. When I finally did get it to load, the file wouldn't download and stopped at 99% and locked up my brouser.

I'll try again later. From what I did see of it, that might be the ticket.

Got the Processing to download, looks like this might work. Thanks!! Not sure why I didn't find this before.