Wireless Network Module for Arduino Nano v4

I was going to do this project for my school project, but I was asked if I can make the connection between the arduino and the android device via wireless network. Can anyone give me tips on what to put in the device to make it connect to a wireless network?

Well, the connection between the Arduino and Android devices already uses a wireless network (i.e. bluetooth).

If by wireless network, your teachers mean wifi like is used for the video, it is possible, but it will add to the cost and you will need to learn a lot about wireless network programming. This may be what your teachers are trying to guide you towards, learning to research and create your own programs, rather than just following somebody else's instructions blindly.

No they were just wondering if it was possible. But i'll just say it's not conventional, since I don't have the budget and time to do all those things. Anyways thanks for replying