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Hi guys! I’m new to this forum. I hope this will be noticed because I need your help. I’m trying to make a project which is a wireless public address system. I’m planning to interface arduino due with xbee as a transceiver to do wireless transmission. I’m using arduino due instead of uno to utilize its DAC pins.

The setup goes like this - microphone and arduino due interfaced with xbee in the transmitter side. Another arduino due interfaced with xbee in the receiver side and finally speaker. I already programmed the rf modules so that they can communicate with each other. I was also able to successfully transmit analog signal from the transmitter to the receiver. It was tested using the serial monitor of the arduino due. But, I was not able to get the transmitted analog signal using the DAC pin of the microcontroller in the receiver side.

Is it possible to output the transmitted analog signal, from the transmitter, to the DAC1 pin of the receiver? Your comments and suggestions will be much appreciated. Thank you!

P.S. Attached below is the code for the receiver.

send.txt (238 Bytes)

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