Wishield... need a help

Hello evreybody XD,

I Want to ask about Wishield...

1-How can I connect it to the the real Internet (i.e outside my home network so I can access it anywhere in the world) ?

2-Can I build website with DB and PHP to uplaod the data to DB.?

3- Or I can use the Pachube Only to uplaod the Data ?

Waiting for your answer with my thanks in advance. :blush:..

(not owning an wishield)

1) you have to configure the IP address and gateway, mostly IP = 192.168.1.X (X is a free subnet number) and GW = (address of your router). In fact similar info as when adding a new laptop to your home network. Your router must be configured for the protocols used - 802.11b probably; Furthermore routers often have a list of allowed mac addresses for wifi access.YOu have to add the mac address of the wifi shield

2) Yes that is possible, a way to do it is to make a PHP webform on an APache server that accepts your log fields, and let the Arduino POST to the php-processor of that form. By doing it this way you can easily test the DB part. [NOTE: Arduino itself is too light to do PHP itself]

Thank You Robtillaart :P

Can give me links for similar projects that can help me ?!