Wiznet 5100 vs 5100s?

Hello, I was wondering has anyone used the wiznet 5100s? I have used the normal 5100 but I’m seeing. 5100s. I’m not sure what the difference is. I’m trying to read the data sheet now but unsure. I was just curious if anyone has used the ‘S’ version?


The current Ethernet_Generic library doesn't support that WIZnet W5100S.

I've modified and will release new version of Ethernet_Generic library to provide preliminary support to

  1. WIZnet Ethernet HAT
  2. W5100S-EVB-Pico

for generic boards or RP2040 using arduino-pico and ArduinoCore-mbed cores.

Check the progress in Wiznet W5100S #56

Starting AdvancedWebServer on RASPBERRY_PI_PICO with W5x00 using Ethernet_Generic Library on SPI0/SPI
EthernetWebServer v2.1.2
[EWS] =========== USE_ETHERNET_GENERIC ===========
[EWS] Default SPI pinout:
[EWS] MOSI: 19
[EWS] MISO: 16
[EWS] SCK: 18
[EWS] SS: 17
[EWS] =========================
[EWS] RPIPICO setCsPin: 17
[ETG] W5100 init, using SS_PIN_DEFAULT = 17 , new ss_pin =  10 , W5100Class::ss_pin =  17
[ETG] isW5100S: detect W5100S chip
[ETG] readMR (10) = 19
[ETG] readMR (18) = 27
[ETG] Version = 81
[ETG] Chip is W5100S
[ETG] W5100::init: W5100S, SSIZE = 4096
[EWS] =========================
[EWS] Currently Used SPI pinout:
[EWS] MOSI: 19
[EWS] MISO: 16
[EWS] SCK: 18
[EWS] SS: 17
[EWS] =========================
Using mac index = 17
Connected! IP address:
HTTP EthernetWebServer is @ IP :
.[EWS] String Len = 0, extend to 2048
......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......


Hey khoih-prog, How you doing? Been a while. Thank you. A friend of mine gave me a few of these modules. And currently I only have a arduino zero board to test theses on.


The Ethernet_Generic releases v2.1.0 has been published to provide support to W5100S shield /module, such as WIZnet Ethernet HAT and W5100S-EVB-Pico

Releases v2.1.0

  1. Add support to WIZNet W5100S. Check Wiznet W5100S #56

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