Write float array to eeprom

Hello ,

is there some simple way to write float array to eeprom and read it? found not many useful things so have to ask…

EEPROM.put() and EEPROM.get(). You can start reading here.

While @sterretje was getting you started, I googled

write float array to eeprom and read it

and got many plausible links.

Do you have google.com on your internets over there?


I tried couple with EEPROMWriteAnything.h witch with I have problem. And yes I have google it. Everywhere is solutions with int which also I tried to modify. In mean time maybe someone has alredy solve it and if you have found it that work on first it would be faster that you copy it here than to ask me if I have google. So copy it

Slow down, the link that I gave you has links to both functions that I mentioned.

EEPROMWriteAnything is from the times that the Arduino EEPROM library was not supporting things like that. And if you have problems with code, post the problem.

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I think that the .put() and .get() methods were added to EEPROM.h in 2015. The use of EEPROMWriteAnything.h is obsolete.


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