Wrong colors - Arduino UNO REV3 and Sunfounder RGB MATRIX

hi all, I am completely new to such DIY projects, never done this before, but managed to get these going, first used [iFlag] and now switched to [SimHub].

I noticed the colors being in correct, since in the racing game, when yellow flag comes up, both in iFlag and later in SimHub - the yellow flag signal is light green - not yellow.
and the same for the white flag and chequered flag, those white are light blue and not white.

is there somewhere to control / check the colors? or correct these?

thank you all in advance for your help.

Probably, yes. It sounds like the R, G and B components of each color need to be adjusted for the specific panel that you use, since the efficiencies of the different LEDs will differ. You'll have to post the code you're using if you want further advice.

hi @anon35827816 thank you for your quick reply, I uploaded using instructions found online and from the simracers who helped me figure this out. they told me to click on these in SimHub and then uploaded and it was working after that, I really did not or haven't done anything else myself.

how can I see the code? or get the code to post here?

sorry this is completely new territory for me. :pray:

Sorry, can't help you with that. I'm not even sure going by that screenshot if the source code is even part of the package you download, or if you just download a binary file instead. It also looks like SimHub is deliberately making it difficult to get a look at the source code; I'm not going to waste time on that. Try asking SimHub directly how these parameters can be changed. This is not really an Arduino question, but a question about 3rd-party software.

hi koraks, thanks for your reply, the problem is that in any of the programs I tried, iFlag or SimHub (which both are made for simracing) applications, to use for this purpose.

in both iFlag and SimHub, yellow color was light green, basically no yellow LED showing.
and white was light blue color, no white LED showing.

i am just trying to figure out if there is a way for me to correct it, even if i have to dig around either software, their folders and etc. to find out what is happening.

sorry that i am not knowledgeable enough...but willing to learn and get this figured out.

You paid a license fee to use the products of SimHub...so you go to them with problems, right? If you buy a loaf of bread from a supermarket and it's moldy, do you go to the neighbors and ask what to do? No, you go back to the supermarket. So that's what I'd suggest in this case as well - talk to the people you got the product from. You paid for it, so that gives them the obligation to offer (to some extent) customer support.

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@anon35827816 - just to update you, as you were as wrong as it can get, trying to correct me and point me to the bread purchase example and blabla.

bought a new Arduino Uno R3 and right there started working, tested it back with old board, and colors are incorrect. new board, colors are all correct.

well done for almost sending me on a merry go around...thanks for that. but my gut feeling of buying a new board was 100% correct. now it is sorted and i found the solution which was IN FACT the arduino board itself!!!

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